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Vision correction surgery & treatments

Mr Rajesh Deshmukh performs a range of vision correction surgery and treatments in London at Moorfields Private Eye Hospital and BMI Bishops Wood. Get in touch with Mr Deshmukh to find out more and book your consultation.

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Premium Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery can be extremely effective in improving your vision to a high level

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Laser Cataract Surgery – FLACS 

Mr. Deshmukh is offering the most advanced technology available, including

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Lens Exchange

RLE is a surgical procedure used to correct visual imperfections. In the procedure…

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Cutting edge Lens technology for cataract 

Unlike standard monofocal IOLs, these are more advanced to provide multiple focal points…

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YAG Capsulotomy

A YAG laser capsulotomy is a simple procedure that can clear up any cloudiness

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Presbyopia is often referred to as ‘the ageing eye condition’ because it is a disorder that …

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ICL Implants

Although laser eye surgery is the most common way to gain freedom from glasses or contact lenses,

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Blepharitis is a common condition that involves inflammation of the eyelids.

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Dry Eye Disease

It is a common condition of the conjunctiva and the cornea, when eyes do not produce enough tears…

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See Clearly with Mr. Rajesh Deshmukh: Your Eye Care Expert in London

Join Mr. Rajesh Deshmukh on a journey to better vision in London. Offering various advanced eye treatments, Mr. Deshmukh is known for his expertise in cataract surgeries, innovative laser procedures, lens exchanges, and modern lens technologies.

Cataract Surgery:

Let Mr. Deshmukh bring clarity to your world through his precise cataract surgeries, ensuring your vision is restored with care and precision.

Laser Cataract Surgery (FLACS):

Step into the future of cataract surgery with FLACS, where Mr. Deshmukh uses laser technology for quicker and smoother recovery.

Lens Exchange:

Explore improved vision possibilities with customized lens exchange procedures tailored to your unique visual needs.

Cutting-Edge Lens Technology:

Stay ahead with innovative lenses that not only treat cataracts but also address refractive errors, reducing your dependence on glasses.

YAG Capsulotomy:

Experience advanced YAG capsulotomy for post-cataract clouding, ensuring sharp vision even after surgery.

Presbyopia Solutions:

Say goodbye to presbyopia constraints with personalized treatments designed to free you from age-related vision changes.

ICL Implants:

For those seeking alternatives to glasses, Mr. Deshmukh introduces ICL implants, providing visual freedom with cutting-edge technology.

Blepharitis Treatment:

Address eyelid inflammation with Mr. Deshmukh's expertise, finding relief from redness, itching, and discomfort through personalized care.

Dry Eye Relief:

Combat dry eyes with Mr. Deshmukh's comprehensive approach, ensuring effective and lasting relief by identifying the root cause.

Why Choose Mr. Rajesh Deshmukh for Your Eye Care Needs:

Experienced Eye Specialist:

Mr. Rajesh Deshmukh, a seasoned eye specialist since 2013, brings a wealth of experience to every procedure. His extensive background ensures that you receive care from a knowledgeable and skilled professional dedicated to optimizing your vision.

Expert in Modern Technologies:

Stay at the forefront of eye care with Mr. Deshmukh, who is committed to embracing modern technologies. His dedication to innovation ensures that you benefit from the latest advancements, promising cutting-edge solutions tailored to your eye health.

Patient-Centric Environment:

Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount in your eye care journey with Mr. Deshmukh. His patient-centric approach creates a warm and supportive environment, where you feel heard, understood, and confident in the care you receive.

1000+ Surgeries Annually:

Mr. Deshmukh's remarkable track record includes performing over 1000 surgeries annually. This impressive number attests to his expertise and the trust patients place in him for various eye procedures, ranging from cataract surgeries to advanced treatments.

Affordable Price Eye Care Solutions:

Quality eye care should be accessible to all Mr. Deshmukh is dedicated to providing affordable eye care solutions without compromising on excellence. Your vision is priceless, and Mr. Deshmukh ensures it remains within reach.

Elevate Your Vision with Mr. Rajesh Deshmukh:

Mr. Rajesh Deshmukh's comprehensive and advanced eye treatments in London are designed to cater to your individual needs. Your eyes deserve the best, and Mr. Deshmukh is here to transform your vision with expertise, innovation, and personalized care—all at an affordable price. Choose a trusted eye specialist who prioritizes your visual well-being and sets the standard for excellence in eye care.

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